Our story in transportation area has begun in 1997 from the establishment of Vipodeklarant OÜ, a customs broker, that is successfully continuing its work. Main business areas are import and export declaration, TIR, CMR, transit, customs warehousing.

In the summer of 2009 Natalia Starodubtseva, the founder of Vipodeklarant OÜ, her son Daniil and foreign partners, have taken a decision to open up a new business direction – international freight forwarding on the territories of CIS and EU countries. At the start work was conducted via Vipodeklarant OÜ because of well-established reputation of this company on the market. In December of 2009, FFC Logistics OÜ was founded and by February-March of next year, when we felt confident enough, freight forwarding service was fully transferred to the new company.

Active personnel formation has started immediately along with creation of effective working process system. At the same time we had built a framework of key competitive advantages and co-operation principles to suit the needs of a customer in the best possible way. We proactively looked for new, interesting clients, many of whom have become a foundation of our client base by now. Our partners are, above all, those companies and people who we share common philosophy with – philosophy of life, philosophy of business (that both actually are the same thing, aren’t they?)

A little bit more of history and future. Natalia and one partner have founded Vipodeklarant OÜ in a very interesting time when Estonian customs legislation had been young and reformed virtually every day. During those days, client payment failures were an ordinary thing being multiplied by overall insecurity and unpredictability of economy. Estonia was not yet an EU member and we had no open borders that meant every import and export from abroad had to be declared. Natalia, who had to continue alone from 2000 onwards, had invested huge amount of energy and thousands of overtime hours in order for the company to survive, to sustain its good reputation and, where possible, grow it. A big credit must be given to some of the long-standing colleagues – Marina, Antonina - who helped to develop the firm during most turbulent times and still continue their valued work.

Daniil has been visiting family company from the high school times slowly getting better and better understanding of its functioning. Until nowadays both firms have a close relationship and assist each other. After high school, Daniil left for Australia (Monash University) and in two years to the UK to get a diploma in Business Administration in one of the best universities (Bath University). Finally, after six years of studies and internships, he returned to a native country, native town, where the objective has been set to create a stable, international company that offers attractive employment opportunities in the region, helps to drive local economy and sets high standards of service and trust with its Estonian and foreign clientele.

FFC Logistics OÜ has the following 3-5 year plan:

  • To increase its service level and internal efficiency (primarily via IT and process waste removal) to world standards.
  • To create cargo transportation “circles” with two and more delivery points for 70% of trucks.
  • To establish trusted, innovative, long-term and financially secure partnerships.
  • To establish a distribution warehouse in Ida-Virumaa region.
  • To find investors from Russia or other EU and CIS countries for warehousing and distribution, 3/4PL services, transportation, light production. FFC Logistics OÜ would service these clients or their subsidiaries in Estonia, which has numerous benefits in areas of taxation, logistics, financial stability and safety of capital, and entrance to the EU market especially for Russian and CIS companies.
  • To, possibly, create own fleet of trucks.

You can find more detailed information about us in our presentation in Docs