Full loads

*We provide road transport of full loads (FTL) in Europe, the Baltic states and Russia. That is our main area of expertise. We deliver up to 350 shipments per month.
Contact us and we will promptly provide you with tariffs or documents of participation in the procurement/conclusion of a contract.
*We work quickly, carefully and transparently. Customer recommendations are the biggest proof of our high quality. We will resolve all emergency situations quickly. A unique CRM system for orders and accounting and payment management allows us to work 30% more efficiently than our competitors. Our profit standard is transparent. Our business is solving the transportation issues of your business.

Of our assignments, 90% are related to the use of tarpaulin semi-trailers for land transportation of customers’ shipments. The remainder consist of refrigerated trucks and sea containers.

Our main directions for cargo delivery:

  1. Russia – Estonia, Russia – Latvia and in the opposite directions
  2. Estonia, Latvia – Western and Central Europe (in order of importance): France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania and others
  3. straight from Russia to Central Europe: Slovakia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Poland
  4. we are interested in shipment from west to east: Europe – Estonia and Russia, Estonia – Russia
  5. Intra-Russian shipments, which our office in Saint Petersburg is actively developing

Main commodity groups:

  • sawn timber
  • paper, pulp and products made from these articles
  • metal and metal products
  • modular houses, garden houses, windows and doors
  • other wood products: lining boards, terrace boards, plywood, chipboard
  • furniture
  • thermal isolation, roofing materials
  • coloured scrap metal
  • frozen fish
  • chemicals, fertilisers in the form of dry bulk cargo

Thus, by importing up to 100 heavy-duty trucks full of lumber and timber products into Estonia and exporting the same volume, we are most visible in the sector of production in the forest industry. This result has been achieved due to the fact that our importers in Estonia and Latvia often also deal with export and ensuring its flow has become our responsibility over time.

Clients of all sizes with inherent financial discipline, honesty in their activity and transparent organisation of flows and work processes are valuable to us. Unfortunately, small companies have problems with this more often than large ones. This is why our primary target group is large companies who are often leaders in their industry. We work with both procurements and spot pricing, with and without a contract. These companies are more demanding and professional. The result of the cooperation is a clear perspective and an opportunity to implement ambitious plans while raising the level of professionalism.

Our future goals

  1. Growing our customer base among manufacturers of building materials and equipment – products with higher added value.
  2. Securing our position as a freight forwarder engaged in the shipment of wood products in order to attain the top position in Estonia and be in the TOP 10 in Northwest Russia.
  3. Creating and developing solutions that allow us not only to complete our clients’ transport tasks, but also to do it faster, cheaper or more conveniently.

Addressing our role in society at large, we are proud to participate in the organisation of export flows from Russia and Estonia. Export orientation is a vital element in the economy of any country.

Our combined cargo project is also of social importance. With this, we would like to give new momentum to trading between Estonia and the Russian Federation by optimising processes and making customs and transport services between the two countries cheaper. When exporting goods in one direction or another, waybills currently pose an obstacle to the small cargo volumes of small businesses. You can read about combined cargo here.

You can read about our customs services here and maritime transport here.

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