Partial loads

Partial loads Estonia – Russia Customs service experience since 1995; transportation experience since 2009. We work operatively, responsibly and help the client throughout the logistics process. At the expense of optimisation and personal resources, we can offer affordable prices.In addition, we provide storage services on personal territory.

The benefit our company offers you is the result of shipping the cargoes of many customers in one truck and formalising all of them at customs with a single declaration. You will end up paying several times less than you would by undergoing this laborious process on your own. We can buy goods from the European Union/Russian Federation using the name of our company and sell to Russia or Estonia using our name as well. You will not lose VAT; we will return it at customs clearance. You can pay conveniently using the currency of your home country and there is no need for currency inspection.

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Details. We offer the full service of partial load shipping for the following routes: Estonia–Russia, Europe–Russia, the Baltic states, Estonia–Europe and the opposite directions including these stages:

  • pick-up from the supplier’s ‘doorstep’, using your name or our contract
  • consolidating, if necessary
  • customs clearance of outgoing and incoming cargoes directly or with our contract
  • storage
  • transportation to the recipient’s ‘doorstep’

Routes (both directions)

Tallinn – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Jõhvi – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Narva – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Tartu – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Pärnu – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Kohtla-Järve – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Latvia – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Lithuania – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Europe – Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Russia Consolidation – Estonia, our own warehouse.

  1. Our offices are located in Kohtla-Järve, Tallinn and Saint Petersburg.
  2. The legal entity has been established in both Russia and Estonia.
  3. We provide customs services in Estonia on the basis of a commercial activity licence. Personal customs warehouse and terminal.
  4. Customs clearance will be provided for export from Russia under our contract and you will not need to use the services of a customs agent.
  5. Warehouse services in Estonia and Saint Petersburg.
  6. Types of cargo: all excluding those requiring a temperature regime, including excise goods.

Our clients: medium or small businesses in Estonia, Saint Petersburg and Moscow engaged in the cross-border trade of small batches of goods (50kg – 2; 5; 10t). We have a lot of experience with fully loaded trucks – we organise the shipment of up to 150 cars between two countries.

  • If you are an electrician who needs to supply automatic machines, cables, lights;
  • if you are a sanitary technician who needs pipes, valves, sanitary installations;
  • if you are the supplier of mines, power plants or other private and state-owned enterprises;
  • if you supply clothes, beauty products, electronics, tools, building materials, furniture or other widely used consumer products, we will help you!

More about the service. An example of door-to-door service.

You are a company operating in Saint Petersburg that needs to pick up a pallet with goods from France and deliver it to beauty salons afterwards. You want the bill to be settled in roubles, the goods delivered to the door and a good price and, in principle, you do not want to deal with currency inspection and foreign economic activities. In that case, you’re welcome to do business with us! We will buy the desired goods using the name of our Estonian company and consolidate them in Estonia alongside the goods of other customers. Customs are carried out on the basis of a single list and the goods travel in one truck to our company in Saint Petersburg. Customs clearance is also carried out on the basis of a single list, which ensures efficiency. Next, we will deliver your goods to the company’s door using local transport. The settlement is carried out in roubles, everything is as convenient and affordable as possible thanks to the consolidation and purchase of goods under our contract. If you were to handle customs clearance and shipping the goods yourself, you would end up paying many times more.

We want to stimulate and cheapen trade between Estonia and Russia and between Europe and Russia through Estonia. Right now, in 2018, the delivery of one or two pallets from Saint Petersburg to Tallinn (Rakvere, Kohtla-Järve, Tartu, Pärnu, Narva) costs an average of €350. Export formalisation costs around €200 and €50 for the import. Add in the time spent on VAT refunds in Estonia and Russia. The total cost is €600. Our goal is to bring these expenses to €100-200. Each case is unique, of course, and the cost can be smaller or larger. Making logistics more affordable will automatically stimulate trade between Russia and Estonia. That is what our business idea is about.

You can read about full loads here and customs formalities here.

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Recommended partial load weight from 100 kg, volume from 1/2 pallets